Music from Real World Skeletons: *Season Premiere*

The Real World: Skeletons 
Featured Artist: The Pack A.D.


SILAS – “Up Like”
Theme Song

Galantis – “Runaway (U&I)”
The roommtes land in Chicago, we get a great look at the city and meet Violetta at the airport.

Todd & Erin – “I Am A Machine”
Sylvia and Tony explore their new house in Chicago

Fenech-Soler – “Last Forever”
The roommates go out to Packing House for their first night out in Chicago.

Things go south at the bar when the bill comes.

Katie Day – “Burn It To the Ground”
Tony comforts Madison after a run in with some of the other roommates.

Memoir – “Who I Am”
Tony knows he’s playing with fire with it comes to his attraction to Madison.

The Mostly Ups – “What It’s All About”
Violetta and Nicole try to cook their roommates breakfast

Cheers Elephant – “Leaves”
Nicole, Jason, & Bruno set out to find a grocery store in their new neighborhood.

The Pack A.D. – “Animal”
Instead of going out, Bruno and Sylvia decide stay in with each other.

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