Music From Real World: Skeletons, Episode 7

Real World: Skeletons
Featured Artist: Ryn Weaver


Theme Song

Calder’s Revolvers  – “Leave Ya Be”
Alyssa and Tony talk on the patio

KAYZO – “Visions”
Tony plays his cards wrong at the club w/ the girls

Memoir – “Never Good Enough”
Jason talks with Sylvia down on the patio

Secret Powers – “Post War”
The roommates head to Oyster fest

Wild Party – “Violet”
Tony and Nichole duke it out at the Oyster Fest

Sylvia and Madison talk

Bird Passengers – “Awakening”
Tony says goodbye to Elizabeth

Ryn Weaver – “Promises”
Tony says goodbye to Alyssa, for good

Young Liars – “Tidal Wave”
Episode ends

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