Music From Real World: Skeletons, Episode 6

Real World: Skeletons
Featured Artist: VÉRITÉ 



Owenstone – “Next Day We Get Paid”
Tony and Elizabeth have an awkward walk to lunch

VÉRITÉ – “Strange Enough”
Madison tries to deal with Tony and Elizabeth in the house

Corderoy – “Dark Disco”
The roommates go out for Elizabeth’s birthday

Abbot Kinney – “Lonesome Dove”
Tony and Elizabeth talk about their pasts

New Beat Fund – “Scare Me”
Elizabeth walks to see Tony at Old Fifth

Canopy Climbers – “Colonizer”
Elizabeth apologizes to Tony

Pyro Fighter – “I Hope You Die”
Alyssa & Madison bond

Villainettes – “Dark Clouds”
Tony falls back under Alyssa’s spell

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