Music From Real World: Skeletons, Episode 5

The Real World: Skeletons
Featured Artist: Ryn Weaver


Slias – “Up LIke”
Theme Song

Kidforce – “STFU”
Violetta and the roommates talk about who their skeletons might be

Kwini Rene – “Mad At Me”
Alicia is no where to be found

Love & Thanks – “Summer’s End”
Jason shares his feelings for Sylvia with Bruno

Bird Passengers – “Darkest Wave”
Nichole and Jason go to work at Red Kiva

The New Velvet – “When Sorry’s Not Enough”
Jason and Nichole make up after their fight

Cult 45  – “True 2 Life”
Tony gets jealous when another guy dances with Madison

Ryn Weaver – “Octahate” (watch the video here)
Things finally heat up between Tony and Madison

Blue Matches – “I Won’t Surrender”
Madison reflects on what happened with Tony

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