Music from Real World: Skeletons: Episode 4

Real World: Skeletons
Featured Artist: Fences


SILAS Up Like”
Theme Song

Tropic of Pisces – “Symmetry (Lenno Remix)”
Bruno plays a prank on Sylvia in the shower

The Royalty – “Please Lie”
Bruno and Sylvia lay in bed kissing even thought Bruno has burned Sylvia before, she can’t resist.

Fences – “The Lake”
Sylvia is furious after Bruno brings Carla to the bar

Love & Thanks – “Feel My (Hands Around You)”
Sylvia cries in the confessional

Young Liars – “U-Dreams”
Bruno gets ready for his date with Carla

The Beat Geeks – “Party In The Air”
The roommates are out at Red Kiva

Max & The Moon – “Losing The Agreement”
Sylvia knows it is over with Bruno after he brings Carla to the house and makes it clear he has chosen her.

Johnny Deal – “Tyrant”
Sylvia’s skeleton arrives

N3XTST3P – “We Fight”
Violetta makes it clear that Sylvia’s skeleton isn’t welcome in the house

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