Music From Real World: Skeletons, Episode 3

The Real World: Skeletons 
Featured Artist: Bernhoft


Silas – “Up Like”
Theme song

Wild Party – “Out Right”
The roommates head to Millenium park to check out the bean

Chuckie – “B*tches be Like”
Sylvia and the girls go out to free their minds

Good Looking Animals – “Come Play With Me”
Madison wakes everyone up

Michelle Delamor – “Shake My Body”
The girls have a fun night out in Chicago

Like Rockets – “Kings Cup”
The Wolfpack goes “hunting” at The Packing House

My Digital Enemy – “Don’t Give Up”
Madison flirts with Cole.

Katy McAllister – “Wicked Words”
Violetta re-lives the night before

Mz. Champagne – “Badman”
Bruno continues to be the player of the house

Bernhoft  – “Everything Will be Alright”
Bruno is the first of the Wolfpack to get lucky

Gemini Club – “By Surprise”
The roommates all go out to dinner, like a family

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