Music From Real World: Skeletons, Episode 10

Real World: Skeletons
Featured Artist: WATERS


Theme song

Cairo Fire – “Backseat”

Chris Bartels – “East Coast Hipster”
Briah and Bruno talk about his modeling career

Bearstronaut – “Birds of Prey”
Tony’s brother arrives in Chicago

Young Liars – “Supertramp”
Tony and Shane talk about Madison

Falling Off Maps – “Down Past the Boatyard”
Tony and Madison talk about what happened with Bruno

The Clox – “Already Done”
Sylvia thanks Tony

James Egbert – “The Beginning”
Tony and Madison dance together

WATERS – “Got To My Head”
Bruno and Briah talk about Briah’s sexuality

Sun Culture – “Young Blood”
Tony says goodbye to his brother

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