Music from Real World Seattle: Bad Blood Finale

Real World: Go Big or Go Home
Featured Artist: Local Natives



Local Natives

Local Natives

SILAS – Up Like

Step Rockets – Turning Tides
Anna and Katrina enjoy a pizza at the park as a means of getting out of the house

Supermassive – Sittin’ Here
Robbie preps the housemates for their last week in the house

Gareth Emery ft. Gavrielle – Far From Home
The housemates head out to Tia Lou’s for one of their last nights out in Seattle

Seacat – Oaks
Jennifer ensures that Jordan makes it back to the house after a night of drinking

Lewis Del Mar – Malt Liquor
Jennifer reaches her boiling point with Anna and finally unleashes her frustrations

Jennifer is given the option to either leave or stay after she makes peace with Anna

Seacat – Feathers
Kassius reflects on his experience and admits that he may never make amends with Theo

Seacat – Distimia
Anna and Jennifer decide to make peace as they approach the end of their stay in Seattle

The Holy Coast – Fighting For
Jennifer hops on the phone with her aunt who gives her the advice she needed

Memoir – Nothing Without You
Jennifer enters the house once more and informs everybody that Peter will have to leave the house

Supermassive – Take Me There
Kimberly comforts Jennifer and informs her that she made the right decision

Spill – Seasons
Anna and Katrina reflect on their time in the house and realize that family is everything to them

Great Caesar – Take Me To The River
Will and Anika mend their broken relationship

Local Natives – Fountain of Youth
The housemates say goodbye to each other and their time in Seattle

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