Music from Real World Seattle: Bad Blood, Episode 7

Real World: Go Big or Go Home
Featured Artist: The Donnies The Amys


SILAS – “Up Like”

The Donnies The Amys – “King of Norway”
After Jennifer reveals to Orlana and Kimberly that she made out with Peter, she lets her current boyfriend know what happened as well

Dream Cult – “Ghost Island”
Tyara vents her frustration of her relationship status with Theo to Anika and Jordan

The Gromble – “Slam”
Half of the girls head out for a beach day and discuss the upcoming weekend that they are hoping is going to be free of drama

Jean Noir – “Zodiac”
Peter surprises Jennifer with an edible arrangement basket

King Shelter – “People Change”
Tyara finalizes her move from her upstairs room with Theo

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