Music from Real World Seattle: Bad Blood, Episode 6

Real World: Go Big or Go Home
Featured Artist: Skyes


NYDES – “The Other Side”
Up early, the new set of housemates make their presence known as they all get ready for a day on the town

Ten Sleep – “Tired Step”
Robbie and Jennfier discuss their past relationship while Theo listens in

Daena Jay – “The Gray”
Orlana informs Kimberly and Jennifer of her dark past that at one point had her thinking of suicide

Yan Dollar – “Everyday (feat. Black Prez & GMB)”
Jordan and Orlana momentarily set aside their differences as they dance to one of their favorite songs from high school

Deap Vally – “Heart is an Animal”
In the park, Peter and Anna talk about their current relationship status

Katie Day – “Lower Haight Anthem”
Jennifer calls Travis (her current boyfriend) and fills him in on the dinner she had with Robbie

Skyes – “Pullback”
Peter and Jennifer share an intimate moment in the foyer

Shallou – “Surface”
Robbie explains to Theo that he’s got to let go of the past in order to enjoy his future

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