Music from Real World Seattle: Bad Blood, Episode 10

Real World: Go Big or Go Home
Featured Artist: Navelin


SILAS – Up Like

Spill – Time Stands Still
Tyara realizes that she should probably mend her relationship with Kim before it’s too late

Wild & Free – Life on Jupiter
Jennifer, Robbie, and Jordan pick up costumes for Peter’s surprise party

Valise – Dialogue
Orlana contemplates as to when she should express her feelings towards Kassius

I Don’t Speak French – It’s Ok
Robbie takes Peter out for birthday drinks while the rest of the roommates decorate the house for a surprise party

Name The Band – Grown Not Made
Robbie and Peter enter the house where Peter is surprised with a costume party

Capital Cities – Vowels
The house hits the bar for Peter’s birthday in full costume

Friendship Club – Different
Peter asks Jennifer to join him in the confessional

SLEEPLUST – Lone Black
Tyara and Kim talk

Wages – Spiritesque
Anna and Katrina head to a therapist as they wish to work on their lack of communication with each other

Wild & Free – The Moonhowler
The house heads out for a boat party

Navelin – Shake It Off
Jordan and Orlana stengthen their relationship as they bond over the incident with Kassius on the boat

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