Music from Real World San Diego Episode 9

(artist: Rose Hart)

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Rose Hart “To The Floor” – Free Download (right-click to save)

Hell & Lula “Razor Love” – Free Download (right-click to save)

Real World San DiegoAirdate: November 30, 2011

Rose Hart – To The Floor

(scene: The roommates go out to Fleetwood for a night out)

P Jayz – Do It

(scene: Sam and Priscilla are talking about Frank’s antics from the night before while Frank calls Michael to apologize for doing everything)

Pance Party – Kim Jong Thrill

(scene: The roommates arrive at Stingaree for Nate’s Living Memoir fashion show)

JD Evolution – Round And Round

(scene: The models do the fashion show for the Living Memoir clothing line)

Pance Party – Maru

(scene: Zach is dancing with a girl, while Ashley gets mad at him for doing it)

Asobi Seksu – My Baby

(scene: Zach and Ashley go to Subway together)

Vanity Theft – Bit By Bit

(scene: Sam and Frank go to The Brass Rail where Frank talks to Todd Meanwhile, over at Bourbon, Nate dances and kisses a girl named Kristen. The scene ends with Frank kissing Todd)

Vienna Psychoanalytic Society – You Are Sleeping

(scene: Michael and Frank talk on the balcony about Frank cheating on him)

Holley Maher – Wrecking Ball

(scene: Michael and Frank decide to break up because it seems like the best thing to do for the situation)

Stephanie Schneiderman – First Crack

(scene: Frank talks with Sam, Priscilla and Ashley about him and Michael breaking up)

What’s Fair – Breathlesss

(scene: Frank reads the email Michael sent him about breaking up)

Hell & Lula – Razor Love

(scene: Frank, Sam and Nate walk to Bourbon Street bar where they meet Todd)

Aaron Thompson – Vals

(scene: Frank leaves with Todd and they go back to the house together)

Kopek – Sub Human

(scene: Frank, Sam and Todd are in the car talking about Zach’s comment)

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