Music from Real World San Diego Episode 7

(artist: Imagine Dragons – photo: Mac Reynolds)

Real World San DiegoAirdate: Nevember 9, 2011

Young Empires – Diamond Rings

(scene: The roommates arrive at Double Deuce and are dancing around)

Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors – Jamie

(scene: Michael arrives at the house and greets Frank by the pool)

Stacy Clark – Misery

(scene: Priscilla talks about Dylan in her confessional)

Carley Tanchon – On The Road

(scene: Zach and Ashley are flirting in the stairway and Ashley explains how people are coming to San Diego for her’s and Zach’s birthday)

Heatseekerz – Lipstick

(scene: The roommates are partying at the new bar, are taking shots and Ashley flirts with Zach)

The Jealous Kind – Better At Breaking

(scene: Priscilla talks to Dylan on the phone for the first time in eight months)

The Submarines – Ivaloo

(scene: Frank, Michael and Sam are hanging outside and talking about Frank and Michael’s relationship)

Destry – Leave The Light On

(scene: Ashley, Priscilla and Alexandria go to the country western store where Ashley buys Zach cowboy boots)

Emily Palame – They Say You Say

(scene: Ashley explains how she and Zach are similar by the way they were brought up)

The Worsties – XOXO

(scene: Priscilla’s ex, Dylan arrives at the house for the first time)

Roxanne Emery – Turn Back

(scene: Priscilla and Dylan are talking on the couch)

The Submarines – Plans

(scene: Ashley gives the cowboy boots to Zach and they go play basketball by themselves)

Tara Priya – For Love

(scene: Priscilla and Dylan are in her bed while Zach, Nate and Frank are talking in the living room)

Imagine Dragons – I Need A Minute

(scene: Zach and Ashley go pick up their friends from the airport)

Isaac Johnson – About A Girl

(scene: Zach and his friends meet the roommates on the roof of the house. Michael arrives at the house)

Analogue Revolution – Hook Up

(scene: Frank dances with all of the girls at the bar)

Pjayz – A Prom Song

(scene: Zach’s friend, Brock, talks to Nate about Zach at the bar)

21st Century Girl – It’s Your Birthday

(scene: It turns midnight at the bar and it’s now Zach’s birthday)

Allie Lamb – Therapy

(scene: Zach and Ashley are dancing at the bar)

Ace Enders And A Million Different People – New Guitar

(scene: The night is ending and Zach and Ashley fall asleep together)

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