Music from Real World San Diego Episode 6

(artist: Kina Grannis)

Real World San DiegoAirdate: November 2, 2011

Lena Leon – Queen Of The Dance Floor

(scene: Sam, Frank and Nate go to a Lesbian highlighter party for Pride.)

Act As If – Old Souls

(scene: Nate explains his charity to the roommates.)

7bit Booty – Let Yourself Shine

(scene: Nate goes and parties to celebrate his charity, Frank and Sam are at Eden partying where Frank meets Michael.)

TV/TV – Crazy Heart

(scene: Frank and Michael are on the dance floor.)

The Submarines – Where You Are

(scene: the roommates wake up and are talking about volunteering for the Army in Pride.)

Blues Saraceno – C’mon C’mon C’mon

(scene: All the roommates except Zach and Ashley help out the Army for Pride.)

You Me And Everyone We Know – The Next 20 Minutes

(scene: All of the roommates except Zach and Ashley are hanging out at Pride.)

Aaron & Andrew – I Found You

(scene: Frank explains how much he likes Michael at the Pride parade.)

What’s Fair – Tangle

(scene: Frank and Michael are in the hot tub.)

Martha Berner – Some Stay A While

(scene: Everyone is hanging out at the house, and Michael leaves to go back to Los Angeles.)

The Trampolines – U Oughta Know

(scene: Nate shows Priscilla and Frank his Living Memoir website.)

Patrick Hammond – Garden

(scene: Michael calls Frank at the house)

Val Emmich – E.S.T.

(scene: Michael arrives back at the house to visit Frank)

Davis Fetter – I See Love

(scene: Frank and Michael are in the hammock, then Michael goes back to Los Angeles)

Kina Granis – In Your Arms

(scene: Frank explains to Zach and Ashley why he likes Michael so much.)

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