Music from Real World San Diego Episode 5

(artist: Rio Bravo)

Real World San DiegoAirdate: October 26, 2011

Captain Planet – Speakin’ Nuyorican

(scene: Zach gets his eyebrows waxed)

Awake! Awake! – Sight

(scene: Zach and Ashley walk to the waxing salon)

Jonathan Jones – Duracell

(scene: Zach and Nate “baby bird” their food to each other)

The Girlfriend Season – You Gotta Live (While You’re Young)

(scene: The roommates play in the pool/hot tub)

Fight The Quiet – Sway

(scene: The roommates arrive at the House of Blues for the first time)

Taylor McMahon – Rhyme And Rhythm

(scene: Sam explains what San Diego’s LGBT Pride Fest is to Ashley)

Alexander Webb – Turn Around

(scene: Frank talks to a San Diego Pride organizer about Pride Fest)

The Black Shades – Gimme Action

(scene: Zach and Ashley go to a shooting range)

Anxious Annie – Bang Bang Bang

(scene: Zach and Ashley shoot guns at a shooting range)

New Cassettes – I’m Always Right

(scene: Frank and Sam go shopping to prepare for Pride)

Frankie Hernandez – I Need You Around

(scene: The roommates get ready for their first day at the House of Blues.

Brett Levick – I Did It For You

(scene: Sam and Nate meet the person who’ll be training them at the House of Blues.

All The Right Moves – The Monster I’ve Become

(scene: Priscilla, Alexandra, Zach, and Ashley begin job training at the House of Blues.

Rio Bravo – Roman Cathederals

(scene: Sam and Frank walk to a coffee shop.

Theoria – Veneration

(scene: Sam announces that she’s proud to be gay)

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