Music from Real World San Diego Episode 11

(artist: Eyes Lips Eyes)

Real World San DiegoAirdate: December 7, 2011

Analogue Revolution – Take That

(scene: The roommates find out that they’re going to Cabo)

Hyper Crush – Flip The Switch

(scene: The roommates arrive at their villa in Cabo)

Le Mood – Sock ‘N Shoes

(scene: Frank and Nate come home to find everyone else naked)

Eyes Lips Eyes – Tickle

(scene: All of the roommates go swimming with the dolphins)

The Submarines – Birds

(scene: The roommates go out on their party boat)

Analogue Revolution – Bright Life

(scene: Priscilla has a bit too much fun on the booze cruise)

Patent Pending – Dance Till We Die

(scene: The roommates go out to The Nowhere Bar for Ladies Night)

Mimi Page – Gravity

(scene: Everyone reacts after the Frank, Ashley and Zach fight)

Finnegan – Set2song

(scene: Ashley and Zach are walking on the beach and talking about the fight with Frank)

Mimi Page – The Starving Artist

(scene: All of the roommates pack to go back to San Diego)

The Boom Circuits – So Much

(scene: The roommates arrive back in San Diego)

Katie Herzig – Free My Mind

(scene: Nate, Priscilla and Frank are talking about their trip to Cabo at Subway)

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