Music from Real World San Diego Episode 10

(artist: Bosley)

Real World San DiegoAirdate: December 7, 2011

Bosley – Soul Town

(scene: Sam and Nate drinking salt beer at The Boardwalk)

Le Mood – Searching For Sun

(scene: Alex talking with management at House of Blues)

Le Mood – Silent Night

(scene: The roommates go for a hike at Boucher Lookout)

Jasmine Chadwick – Back To California

(scene: The roommates look out over San Diego after their hike)

Jonathan Stark – Let The Water Rise

(scene: The roommates leave the camping grounds, arrive at house)

Bosley – End Of Time

(scene: The roommates are drinking at Beach Wood, Sam is nervous for performance)

The 71’s – Would You Give Up Your Soul?

(scene: The roommates drive to Sam’s show)

Renald Francoeur – Let’s Do It Again

(scene: Sam performing drag at Flame)

Mimi Page – This Fire

(scene: Ashley and Zach walking back to house after getting in an argument with Frank)

Alex & The Hats – Hotels

(scene: Alex performing with band at House of Blues)

The Boom Circuits – Make Believe

(scene: Alex preparing for show at House of Blues)

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