Music from Real World Portland Episode 9

Haley Bonar Press Photo #2

Featured Artist:  Haley Bonar


Real World Portland – Airdate: May 22, 2013

See Green – Think Twice

(scene: Jessica goes in the confessional)

Drooom – Birds of Paradise

(scene: Jessica asks Averey about Anastasia)

Haley Bonar – Bad for You

(scene: Nia feeds Daisy human food)

Elan Atias – Nothing Without You

(scene: Anastasia takes Mark walking in Portland)

Imagine Dragons – Uptight

(scene: Anastasia and Mark dance in the street)

House of Fools – Dogfight

(scene: Anastasia is done drinking at the club)

Ives The Band – Archie The Equilibrist

(scene: Anastasia waits at Mark’s hotel)

Drooom – Fever Dream

(scene: Anastasia is at Mark’s hotel room)

Band Called Catch – When in Rome

(scene: Anastasia and Mark walk back to the Real World house)

Cameron – 1 in 10

(scene: Anastasia researches on the computer)

Arrica Rose & the …’s – Summer’s Gonna Burn Me (So Are You)

(scene: Jessica and Marlon nap on the couches)

We Were Pirates  – Change

(scene: Averey goes in the confessional)

Act As If – You’ll Be Alright

(scene: Anastasia and Mark get breakfast together)

Lost Lander – Afraid of Summer

(scene: Anastasia says goodbye to Mark)

NO – Stay With Me

(scene: Anastasia and Johnny talk on the sidewalk)

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