Music from Real World Portland Episode 7

Freedom Fry 1 - Credit[Moon Honeys]

Featured Artist:  Freedom Fry

Real World Portland – Airdate: May 8, 2013

Doomtree – Little Mercy

(scene: Everyone wakes up and eats breakfast)

Brave Chandeliers – Bumpy Ride

(scene: Marlon, Jordan, Johnny, Averey and Anastasia leave for the falls)

Lasse Boman – So Come With Us

(scene: Marlon, Jordan, Johnny, Averey and Anastasia go for a hike to the falls)

The Break Mission  – Matter Of Trust

(scene: Jordan, Nia, Marlon and Anastasia talk on the patio)

Rhett Israel – Somebody Special

(scene: Jessica and Anastasia talk about Jordan’s best friend coming to visit)

Freedom Fry – With The New Crowd

(scene: Jordan’s friends from home arrive in Portland)

Maniac – Always Is A Promise

(scene: Jordan and Marlon go to pick up everyone paychecks at Schmizza)

The Janks – Rat Racers

(scene: Marlon and Johnny head home from Schmizza)

Kidforce – 3est Love

(scene: Johnny stays home to rest while everyone else is out for the night)

Water & Bodies  – The Return

(scene: Everyone walks home from the bar)

Van Stee – String of Lights

(scene: A few people from the house play disc golf with Jordan’s friends)

Daniel Bedingfield – Rocks Off

(scene: Johnny and Averey walk home from dinner)

Rhett Israel – Meet Me Where I Am

(scene: Jordan says goodbye to his friend Taylor)

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