Music from Real World Portland Episode 3

hunter hunted

Featured Artist: Hunter Hunted

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Real World Portland – Airdate: April 10, 2013

Hunter Hunted – Keep Together

(Scenes of Portland at night)

Kidforce – Brunettes (Do It Better)

(scene: Averey and Joy go shopping at a sex store)

Band Called Catch – The Story

(scene: Averey and Joy finish shopping at the sex store and walk home)

SonicC – Drunk Skunk

(scene: Averey, Jessica, Marlon, Johnny and Jordan go to a club)

Secret Powers – Running At This Pace

(scene: Everyone gets their resumes together to go interview for jobs)

The Ettes – Teeth

(scene: Joy talks to her dad on the phone and goes into the confessional)

Nushu – So Long Maybe

(scene: The house says goodbye to one of their own)

Mr. Robotic – Hit The Dancefloor

(scene: The house goes dancing and Jessica makes a new friend)

Ives The Band – Mr. Birch

(scene: Daisy wonders the house and leave behind something in the confessional)

Air Traffic Controller – The Work

(scene: Part of the group heads to the first day of their new job)

The Fairchilds – My Name

(scene: The house goes wakeboarding together and Jordan shows of his wakeboarding skills)

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