Music from Real World Portland Episode 2


Featured Artist:  Adventure Galley

Real World Portland – Airdate: April 3, 2013


Adventure Galley – Young Blood

(scene: Montage of Portland and Johnny and Averey in the bathroom)

Jim Ivins Band – Everything We Wanted

(scene: Averey and Anastasia go for a walk and eat lunch)

Oh Darling – I Feel Right

(scene: Averey and Johnny play in water fountain)

Scott and Brendo – Little Voices

(scene: The guys work out at the gym while the girls stay home to talk)

We Shot The Moon – Sonrisa

(scene: Jessica receives a package from her mom and Johnny, Averey, Marlon and Anastasia hang out on the patio playing with Daisy)

Jessie Chambers – The Way It Goes

(scene: Jessica dries the dishes and the guys go to pick up sushi for dinner)

NGHBRS – Living On My Own

(scene: Marlon and Jordan get dressed to go out to a bar)

Frank Bell – Alexandra

(scene: Marlon and Jordan go to a gay bar)

We Were Pirates – Little Consolation

(scene: Averey and Jessica take Daisy for a walk and Averey talks to the confessional)

LA Font – Lipsmack

(scene: Everyone sits on the patio to smoke a hookah)

GreyMarket – Tiny Sun

(scene: Jessica goes inside to research hookah online)

Schoolboy – Needy

(scene: Jessica and Jordan talk at the bar of a club)

Tara Priya – Goodbye, Romeo

(scene: Averey and Johnny go to bed)

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