Music from Real World Portland Episode 11

Belmont Lights 300 Dpi

Featured Artist: Belmont Lights


Real World Portland – Airdate: June 5, 2013

Life Down Here  – Running From Disaster

(scene: Nia and Jessica work with a personal trainer)

Belmont Lights – Don’t Touch

(scene: Jessica makes a big life decision)

Super Water Sympathy – Sunday School Dress

(scene: Jessica does the confessional)

Nushu – Leave Me Behind

(scene: Jessica researches on the computer)

Dovetail  – Julie

(scene: Marlon, Johnny, Anastasia, Averey and Jordon leave to go fishing)

California Lions  – Can’t Get Going From The Start

(scene: Marlon, Johnny, Anastasia, Averey and Jordan arrive at the lake to go fishing)

See Green – Goldmine

(scene: Daisy gets a shower)

Freedom Fry – Stop Stop Stop

(scene: Anastasia gets upset about the house conflict)

Moxie Black – Explosion

(scene: Nia and Anastasia go to get dinner)

White Mystery – Good Girl

(scene: Daisy gets into trouble in the house while every one is out)

Lost Lander – Wonderful World

(scene: The house wakes up the next day)

Stagnant Pools – Alternate Ending

(scene: Averey takes Daisy back to bed with her)

Fives Knives – White Light Riot

(scene: Nia looks for Johnny in the house)

Life Down Here – Never Be the Same

(scene: Anastasia talks to Nia)

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