Music from Real World Portland Episode 10

photo by John Speirs

Featured Artist:  CHVRCHES | photo credit: John Speirs


Real World Portland – Airdate: May 29, 2013

Schoolboy  – Zombies Ate My Neighbors

(scene: Johnny and Averey talk about a zombie apocalypse)

Jasmine Ash – If You Have Love

(scene: Jessica and Tyler talk on the balcony)

Jay Dillinger & InfinitRakz – Reflection

(scene: Anastasia and Nia listen to Marlon’s song in the studio)

Nushu – It’s Just You

(scene: Jessica puts up pictures on Tyler in her room)

Bean – Cookies and Cream

(scene: Marlon invites Ashley back to the house)

Chelsea Lankes – Change

(scene: Marlon walks Ashley out)

Davis Fetter – Is It Easy To Be Young?

(scene: Marlon, Johnny, Averey and Anastasia have breakfast together)

The Goodnight  – Medicine

(scene: Averey talks to a guy at Schmizza about Boston)

Dovetail – Easier To See

(scene: Averey does the confessional before leaving for Zombie Camp)

National Bird – Survivor

(scene: Averey, Johnny and Jordan arrive at zombie camp)

American Gospel – Say

(scene: Marlon and Jessica go to church)

White Mystery  – Dead Inside

(scene: Averey, Johnny and Jordan hunt zombies)

Ed Tullett  – Heathen

(scene: Jessica and Marlon talk on the balony)

CHVRCHES – Recover

(scene: Averey and Johnny talk in bed)

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