Music from Real World: Go Big or Go Home PREMIERE

Real World: Go Big or Go Home
Featured Artist: Five Knives


SILAS – “Up Like”
Theme Song

Five Knives – “Criminal”
Intro to Kailah as she is driven out to the desert

Corderoy – “Mombastik”
We meet Dione

Five Knives – “Wild Ones”
Kailah and Dione meet for the first time at the hot air balloons

Kidforce – “One Wish”
The Producer explains in order to make it into the house this season, the roommates are going to have to jump out of a hot air balloon

GOLDHOUSE – “Only One”
CJ jumps out of the hot air balloon

Bird Passengers – “Supernatural Revelations”
In the limo, the roommates start to get to know each other as they head to their new house

The Well Reds – “BPM (I Feel Rhythm)”
Welcome to Vegas!

Anthem Academy – “Movin Up”
The Vegas house reveal

West of Aldine – “Skyscraper”
The roommates are excited to head to the pool

Brooks Brown – “Countdown”
Kailah and Dione flirt at the pool

Good Looking Animals – “How You Do It”
Kailah confronts Dean and Dione for talking about her behind her back

Colours – “Monster”
Day to night transition after Dione apologizes to Kailah

GGOOLLDD – “Younger Days”
Back at the house the next morning

The Well Reds – “Do You Still Love Me”
The roommates take on the Golden Nugget pool party

Alice and the Glass Lake – “Luminous”
The roommates participate in the Rise Festival and send their lantern into the sky

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