Music from Real World: Go Big or Go Home, Episode 7

Real World: Go Big or Go Home
Featured Artist: Beware of DarknessnoQmkChD

Silas – “Up Like”
Theme Song

Goldhouse – “Everything”
Dean and Dionne chat some ladies up at the club.

Supermassive – “Nevva Evva”
Ceejai talks about how Dean would probably like to hookup with Kailah, but can’t because she’s already hooked up with Dionne.

Army of Monsters – “Back of My Mind”
Dean talks about how he’s ready to be single, and the roommates get ready to head to the gun store.

Supermassive – “Potential”
Chris, Dionne, Ceejai, and Sabrina mess with sleeping Dean and Kailah.

Kitfox – “Always Keep You Warm”
Ceejai gets emotional over the loss of her mother.

Kidforce – “Kingn”
Ceejai, Dionne, and Jenna head to the D Hotel to recruit women for Dean’s baller party.

Greenhorse – “Dripping with Sweat”
Dean’s divorce is finished, and as he arrives back in Vegas, Dionne and Ceejai kidnap him from his cab.

Beware of Darkness – “Dope”
While at his baller party, Dean dances for Kailah.

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