Music from Real World: Go Big or Go Home, Episode 3

Real World: Go Big or Go Home
Featured Artist: Cazwell


SILAS – “Up Like”
Theme Song

Ryan Lofty ft. Bonx – “The Mountain”
Ceejai asks Dione for birthday cards

Randy Taylor-Weber & Lenny Ruckus ft. Jasmine Amber – “Freakshow”
Kailah, Jenna and Ceejai enjoy a poolside strip show

Ten Sleep – “Tired Step”
Jenna talks to Austin on the phone and the roommates give her a hard time

Sunday Lane – “Adderall”
Kailah talks to Sabrina and Ceejai out on the porch about her predicament with Dione

Cazwell ft. Cherie Lily – “Dance Like You Got Good Credit”
Ceejai has fun at the strip club

Greg Hvnsen – “Sugar”
Ceejai, Chris and Kailah embrace in the confessional when Ceejai misses her mom

Demi Grace ft. Kimmy – “We Are Not Alone”
Ceejai feels loved as the roommates celebrate her birthday

Memoir – “The Hard Way”
Jenna struggles to get in touch with Austin

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