Music from Real World: Go Big or Go Home, Episode 2

Real World: Go Big or Go Home
Featured Artist: Marian Hill

marian hill

SILAS – “Up Like”
Theme Song

The Well Reds – “Hearts”
The roommates are all hanging around and playing by the pool

Sabrina talks about her experience learning she was adopted, and Dean talks about his divorce

Little Wolves – “Cigarettes and Geminis”
Dione says he will not hook up with Sabrina

Skylar Spence – “Fiona Coyne”
The girls head to the salon and get their hair & make-up done; the boys get dressed for their drag mission

Fake Club – “Generation”
The roommates walk Freemont Street dressed in drag

The Ludwigs – “Heavy Hearts”
The Morning after the drag mission, Dione reflects on his autopilot’s decisions

Fake Club – “Summer City”
Dione refuses to cuddle with Sabrina and CJ

Brooks Brown – “Lights Out”
Dione lets Sabrina know they will not be hooking up

Greg Hvnsen – “Don’t Go”
In the confessional, Sabrina refelects on her feelings about her adoption mission so far

Bird Passengers – “Supernatural Revelations”
The rooommates walk to lunch and cheer for a talented sign spinner

Canopy Climbers – “Number”
Sabrina, CJ and Kailah head to the detective’s office

Onyay Pheori – “Swoop Me Up”
Sabrina, CJ, and Kailah leave the detective’s office and head back to the house

Marian Hill – “Got It”
Dione and Kailah hookup.

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