Music from Real World: Go Big or Go Home, Episode 11

Real World: Go Big or Go Home
Featured Artist: MOTHICA


Silas – “Up Like”
Theme Song

The American Dollar – “A Few Words”
Ceejai talks to her aunt about her current frustrations with Jenna and her own actions

Party At Her Place! – “Counting Backwards”
Sabrina contacts her investigator and learns that Jon has more information about her birthmother

Neon Dreams – “Nightmare”
Sabrina shows Kailah the picture of her birthmother

Ten Sleep – “May”
Chris, Ceejai, Dean, and Dione head out to lunch

Supermassive – “Major Major”
Dylan confesses to Jenna he feels like he’s been wasting his time, and Jenna is upset to lose him as a support system

Laura Leighe – “Boys Just Wanna Have Fun”
The roommates head out to the club and Dylan tries to flirt with Kailah

The American Dollar – “Ghosts”
Sabrina calls her mom and confesses her anxieties about meeting her birthmother

Supermassive – “Just Sittin Here”
Sabrina gets a call from producers that she has a flight to Boston to meet her birthmother

Mothica – “No One”
Jenna is starting to feel lonely in the house and heads out on her own

King Shelter – “People Change”
In Boston, Sabrina’s birthmother approaches and the two sit at lunch for the first time ever

Ryan Lofty feat. Rich Jones – “Universe + Me”
Following a successful meeting, Sabrina reflects on her feelings having come full circle with her journey of meeting her birthmother

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