Music from Real World: Go Big or Go Home, Episode 10

Real World: Go Big or Go Home
Featured Artist: XYLO


Silas – “Up Like”
Theme Song

Neon Dreams – “Skyscraper”
Jenna and Sabrina receive great news that their song will be premiered on a local Las Vegas radio station

The Moth and the Flame – “Red Flag”
The boys talk to Dylan about his relationship with Jenna

Stephen Conley – “Everything Must Stay”
The cast heads to their next mission at VORE to go rally car off-roading

WTHR – “Feel It”
The cast goes off road rally car racing

Dinosaur Pile-Up – “11:11”
Dylan and Jenna go racing together drama-free

Great Caesar – “Still Love”
The cast talks with Jenna about her past

Sabrina & Jenna – “Fly” *free download available here!!*
Sabrina and Jenna debut their single “Fly” on the radio station Star 107.9

Pinguin – “Under the Sun”
Jenna and Sabrina receive great response on their single

Andy Viva ft Pit Bailay – “Live Your Life Be Free
The cast hits the clubs

Usonia – “It’s Your Night”
Dylan, Kailah, and Sabrina sit around the fire and talk about their relationships

ROZES – “Fragile”
Jenna confesses her feelings for Dylan

Carroll – “Sticks”
Jenna and Sabrina talk about the night before and Jenna’s feelings for Dylan

Neon Dreams – “Here We Go”
Some of the cast go out line dancing while Sabrina and Chris construct a fort in the living room.

Oh Wonder – “All We Do”
The cast hangs out in the fort while Jenna struggles with her feelings towards Dylan.

XYLØ – “America”
Emotions run high after an altercation between two of the housemates.

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