Music From Real World: Ex-plosion *Season Premiere*

Real World: Ex-plosion

Featured Artist: Cash Cash

cash cash

Silas – “UP LIKE”
Theme Song

Fake Club – “Beauty Queen”
We meet Jamie in Houston, TX

The Royal Concept – “D-D-Dance”
We meet Ashley in San Francisco, CA

Cash Cash – “Take Me Home”
The roommates move to San Francisco / Montage of the city and Real World house

The Royal Concept  – “On Our Way”
Cory arrives at the house (the last roommate) / Everyone cheers to a great season

Sizzy Rocket – “Thrills”
Ashely and Cory talk about her favorite spots in SF

Findlay – “Greasy Love”
All the roommates go out to celebrate their first night

Carroll – “Lead Balloon”
Everyone wakes up and pieces the night together

Private Parties – “Keep It Cool”
Ashley is acting silly / the roommates think she’s ridiculous

Warships – “Flash Flood”
Jenny finds out info about her ex, Brian

Pyro Fighter – “LMFAO (Pyro Fighter Remix)”
Ashley and Cory leave the club in a cab with Jay

Tiny Dragons – “Come Alive”
Jenny and Cory go into the the confessional (in bear suits)

Drew Davis – “Mercy”
Ashley calls Jenny and Cory out

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