Music From Real World: Ex-plosion FINALE!!!

Real World: Ex-plosion
Featured Artist: Chain Gang of 1974



Atlantic Connection ft. Tunde Olaniran – “What I Say”
Brian is finally let into the house after his fight with Cory in the van

Smooth Hound Smith – “Crazy Over You” (free download)
Happy couples are hanging out in the house together

Fish From Japan – “Carry On” (free download)
The “OG” roommates have brunch and reminisce about their time in the house

Scientist – “Coming Up”
The roommates head out for their last day of fun in San Francisco

Wild Party – “Life’s Too Short”
The roommates sail around the San Francisco Bay

Goldhouse – “Nothing To Lose”
Jamie and Thomas talk about their relationship

Jamestown Story ft. Corey Wagar – “Falling”
The roommates head out to a club for their last night in San Francisco

Corderoy – “Guess Who’s Back” (free download)
Brian and the roommates are really drunk at the club

Night Verses – “Yours”
A very drunk Brian is escorted out of the house as Jenny cries

D-Why – “We Don’t Know”
Jenny and Cory talk about being friends in the future

The Role Call – “Only One”
Thomas leaves the house

Chain Gang of 1974 – “You”
Jenny and Cory look back as they are the last two roommates left in the house


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