Music From Real World: Ex-plosion, Episode 8

Real World: Ex-plosion
Featured Artist: The Donnies The Amys


Theme Song

Echoes – “Sun Kata”
Tom tells his roommates about his past with Haley

The Beat Geeks – “Party In The Air”
Jamie and Jenna talk about Jay while they’re at the club

Burn After Reading – “Ghosts”
Brian comes clean to Jenny about kissing another girl; Jenny reacts

Ida FLO – “In The Zone”
The roommates go out to the club; Jamie plays wing woman

Gala – “Taste of Me”
Jenny acting out at the club

N3XTST3P – “Panorama”
Tom lets haley know about how he feels having her in the house

Gunslinger – “Busy Pop”
Jenny makes out outside of the club

EchoGram – “Weakness”
Jenny refuses brian’s apology

The Donnies The Amys – “Up and Down”
After some chaos, the future is clear for Jenna & Jay and Jenny & Brian

Wait for Green – “Castaway”
Jenny reaches a boiling point and acts out

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