Music From Real World: Ex-plosion, Episode 6

Real World: Ex-plosion
Featured Artist: Air Dubai 

air dubai


Silas - “Up Like”
Theme song

The Business People - “What Do You Think”
The roommates hang out and enjoy a day at Dolores Park

Davis Fetter - “Is It Easy To Be Young?”
The situation between Tom, Jamie and Hailey gets even messier and feelings get hurt

Ari Herstand - “Keep Fighting”
A few of the roommates go to the beach for a nice break from the crowded, chaotic house

Air Dubai - “Warning (feat. Patricia Lynn)”
Jamie knows that Hailey is not that innocent and that she’s in San Francisco to get back with Tom

Asking Alexandria - “Death Of Me (Rock Mix)”
Tom and Jamie fight after their night out

Go Periscope - “Break Free”
The roommates go out to a sports bar, play pool and dance

Bora York - “Waterfall”
Tom calls his dad to get advice

AER - “Floats My Boat”
Jay teases Jenna for the way she misspells words

Matt Pond - “Human Beings”
Tom and Jamie have a serious talk about their relationship

Parade of Lights - “Young Again”
Lauren and Cory go on a fun date around the city

Timeflies - “Ex Games”
After spending the day together, Cory and Lauren have an eventful evening

The Vantage - “Changes”
Brian and Jenny talk after their fight about Jenny’s behavior the night before


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