Music From Real World: Ex-plosion, Episode 5

Real World: Ex-plosion

Featured Artist: HAIM


SILAS “UP LIKE” (click to download)
Theme song 

Kid Millions – “Crash and Burn” 
The Exes have arrived and everyone starts to realize that they are not just visiting…

The Longbox – “Doll”
Jamie worries that Cameron will show up; she calls a friend to ask

Elle Belle – “You Better Mean It”
The exes have moved in; everyone contemplates what this means

Amy Hef – “Lay Down”
Jenny and Brian tell the story of their relationship

The Steelwells – “Cool Kids”
Cory and Lauren take a shower together

Sika – “Airports and Runways”
Jamie and Jenny talk about the exes at the gym

Blameshift – “Destroy Your Masquerade”
Brian and Jenny talk about their relationship

Lizi Kay – “It Keeps Getting Better”
Everyone gets ready to go out

This Is She – “Brace Myself”
Hailey and Lauren are in the bathroom and talk about Jamie and Tom

Finish Ticket – “Tranquilize”
The morning after the first night out

Jordan Lake – “The Truth”
Jenny and Brian talk about their relationship

HAIM – “The Wire”
Everyone heads off to Golden Gate Park

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