Music From Real World: Ex-plosion, Episode 3

Real World: Ex-plosion

Featured Artist: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

Soundtrack _ EdwardSharpe


Cruiser “To California”
Opening Montage

Speakerhedz – “Lookin at You”
The roommates go out for Jenny’s birthday; Jenny dances on stage

FMLYBND – “Forever”
Jay gets a letter from Jenna every day, but doesn’t want to read it right away

Grayshot – “I Break My Heart”
Jenny and Cory talk about where they stand

Air Dubai – “Hit the Dark”
Jay gets a call from his dad with bad news

Jacob Saylor – “Fly”
Jay deals with the news from his dad; reflects on old memories

Awake Awake – “Restless”
Jay says goodbye to the roommates

Johnny Stimson – “Here We Go Again”
Ashly and Jenny finish lunch and walk up on a naked bike rally on the street

They Young International – “Ruckus”
Arielle and Jamie are ignoring Ashley in the kitchen because of her behavior the night before

Greymarket  – “Way Out”
Arielle calls her ex

Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros – “Life is Hard”
Jay is home, in the Bronx, for his mother’s wake; he and family/friends toast in her memory

Nudity – “Lite U Up”
The roommates go out; Ashley misses her friends

Belmont Lights – “Battle”
The roommates head to the airport to pick up Jay, without Ashley

Coffee Jones – “Days Go Bye”
In hopes of calming things down, the roommates vote Ashley out of the house

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