Music From Real World: Ex-plosion, Episode 2

Real World: Ex-plosion

Featured Artist: The Ceremonies


Silas – “UP LIKE”
Theme Song (click here to download)

Last One Out – “Favorite Van Gogh”
The roommates wake up and clean the house

Blue Blazer – “Wake Up”
The roommates go on a fire engine tour of SF

The Ceremonies – “Straw Hat”
The roommates talk about Cory and Ashley possibly hooking up

The History of Pan!c – “Out of Control”
Jenny is upset about the possibility of Cory and Ashley hooking up

Sizzy Rocket – “3D”
Cory and Jenny talk about what happened; Jamie, Tom and Arielle go out for lunch

Falling Off Maps – “Neon Cross”
Jamie and Tom Continue their argument about what sex means to each of them

Machines Are People Too – “Our Time”
Tom apologizes to Jamie

The James Douglas Show – “Trouble”
Jenny decides that she wants to hook up with Cory

Hellogoodbye – “(Everything is) Debatable”
All of the roommates go out to a bar; Jamie makes a move

Freedom Fry – “Summer in the City”
Ashley and Jenny take a walk through Chinatown

Katie Kate – “Totebag”
Tom and Jamie talk about whether or not they need a “title”

DJ Corbett – “Save Me”
Cory looks at pictures of Jenny on his phone; thinking about the night before

New Beat Fund – “Celibate Celebrity”
Jamie and Jag to go the gym; They talk about Tom

Gala – “Awake Inside Your Dream”
Jenny and Ashley go out on their own and have a good time

DJ Corbett – “Girlfriend”
Tom and Jamie talk more about their relationship

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