Music From Real World: Ex-plosion, Episode 10

Real World: Ex-plosion

Featured Artist: For the Foxesftf


Theme Song

Abbot Kinney – “That’s Not Me”
Thomas picks up his twin, Stephen, at the airport and fills him in about Hailey

FinleyKnight – “Cities by David Byrne”
Jenny lets out her frustrations about living with Brian

Wait For Green  – “Brand New Day”
Thomas is angry with Hailey; tells her to go home

For the Foxes – “Kids Too Young”
The girls head to Oakland for a food fair

Fake Club – “Superficial”
The guys, minus Brian, head out to a bar for a “guys day”

Lizi Kay – “Do You Like What You See?”
The roommates head out as Ashley returns to the house

Nathan Hayes – “Lights and Speakers”
The roommates are out at Sloane; Stephen makes up his mind about Jamie

Body Parts – “Desperation”
Ashley says hi to the roommates after their night out

Atlantic Connection – “Beyond Control”
After a crazy night, Hailey and Stephen talk, in the kitchen, about life in the house

Sick of Sarah – “Kiss Me”
Stephen says goodbye to Thomas and the roommates

LA Font – “Lipsmack”
Jay takes Jenna out to lunch in Little Italy

Alice & The Glass Lake – “Higher”
Jay and Jenna make their relationship official

Asker – “Cathedral”
Thomas and Hailey have a heart to heart; Hailey makes a decision

Lizi Kay – “One Last Kiss”
Hailey packs / Closing Scene


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