Music from Punk’d Season Premiere

 (Featured Artist: The Special K’s)

Punk’dAirdate: March 29, 2012

The Theme song and many of the music cues for the new season of Punk’d was provided exclusively by the Heavy Young Heathens

The Special K’s – V

(scene: Justin Bieber intros audience into the second go round of Punk’d)

Heavy Young Heathens – Domino Effect


Pance Party – Fun Factory

(scene: JB enters Katalyst and meets the cast)

Buss One – Inside Out

(scene: JG explaining Firework Wedding bit for Taylor Swift)

Atlantic Connection – Ghetto Ride

(scene: JB calls Taylor Swift)

Heavy Young Heathens – What You Need

(scene: Malibu Interstital of set)

Mayda – Oasis

(scene: Billy Rainey showing JB how “our fireworks” work)

Heavy Young Heathens – Eviction

(scene: JB sets up cast roles for “Firework Wedding”)

Atlantic Connection – Reach Out

(scene: First song of Firework Wedding bit)

Atlantic Connection – All the Shiny Things

(scene: JB showing Taylor Swift around his Malibu “studio”)

Heavy Young Heathens – Shadow Play

(scene: Taylor Swift reveal through her and JB laughing, talking, celebrating being Punk’d)

Hogni – Exit

(Transition between the end of Firework Wedding into JB talking about getting Rob Drydek )

The Skeptics Present Envy – Checklist

(scene: Dinner with Sean Kingston, Rob Drydek and JB.  Andrew walks out)

MIDI Mafia – Mr. Vegas

(scene: On way to reveal of Punk’d to Sean Kingston)

We Are The Arsenal – Heroes

(scene: Sean Kingston gets Punk’d and celebrating)

Kopek – The Easy Way (D.B. Cooper)

(scene: Under the open of “Switcheroo” while Miley explains her proposed plan to punk JB and JB explains he’s pulling a “Switcheroo”)

A Day To Remember – It’s Complicated

(scene: Miley introducing the players and the plan)

The Skeptics – It’s All Going Down Tonight

(scene: JB parking his car and the confrontation begins)

A Day To Remember  – All Signs Point to Lauderdale

(scene: JB is unpunkable and Miley Cyrus was Punk’d into JB end of show wrap up)


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