Music from One Bad Choice: Season 1, Episode 7

One Bad Choice
Featured Artist: Magic Man

magic man

Magic Man – “Texas”
Kaitlyn discusses how her and Danielle became best friends while they’re playing basketball

Maggie Eckford – “Tell Me How To Feel”
Kaitlyn and Danielle kiss for the first time as they begin their romance

FMLYBND – “Come Alive (Shining)”
Kaitlyn attends a party on the beach but Danielle’s parents don’t let her go

Alice Boman – “What”
Kaitlyn discusses how she continued to text Danielle even after the judge orders her not to

Amy Stroup – “Dark Runs Out”
Kaitlyn discusses her time in jail and how she accepted a plea deal

Garrison Starr & AG – “Redeeming Fire”
Kaitlyn discusses her life now with her family and new girlfriend

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