Music from One Bad Choice: Season 1, Episode 4

One Bad Choice
Featured Artist: ODESZA


ODESZA ft. Zyra – “Say My Name”
Miriam / Belle Knox leaves her parent’s house to head to a party

Carousel – “Let’s Go Home”
Miriam / Belle Knox kisses her boyfriend and talks about her excitement about going to Duke

Belle Mare – “The Boat of the Fragile Mind”
Miriam / Belle Knox films her second porn film in LA

Courtney Jaye – “New Day”
Miriam / Belle Knox discusses keeping her porn career a secret and separate from her college life

F. Stokes – “My Simple”
Miriam / Belle Knox goes to a party at Duke after returning from her Winter Break

Glowbug – “You Are the Ace”
Miriam / Belle Knox is extremely sad and depressed after everyone in Duke finds out she is a porn star

The DeCamp Sisters – “Blood on the Feathers”
Miriam / Belle Knox contemplates suicide after her mom finds out about her porn career

VÉRITÉ – Strange Enough
Miriam / Belle Knox in present day looks back on what happened to her and how she learned from her experience

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