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Ladies Man: A MADE MovieAirdate: April 9, 2013

Locksley – In Celebration

(scene: Opening sequence – Toby at last high school party)

Little Light – Shutter Speed

(scene: Toby confesses his love to Molly)

Shapiro – L-E-A-V-I-N-G

(scene: Montage of Toby as the “friend”)

Kitten – Japanese Eyes

(scene: Molly tells Toby she only likes him as a friend)

Jesse LaBelle – Won’t Let You Down

(scene: Toby lays in bed typing on his computer)

All Mankind – This Is A Miracle

(scene: Toby walks into the dorm)

Roc$tedy – Check My Steezo

(scene: The frat party begins)

DJ Rap – Satisfied (Yeah I Like That Remix)

(scene: Frat Party)

Robbie Nevil – Never Seen Nothing Like You

(scene: Toby sees Dahlia at the frat party.  She walk in slow motion)

Anina – Dominoes

(scene: Montage of girls complaining to Toby at Frat Party)

New Cassettes – Yeah

(scene: Toby at the frat party)

Kitten – Sugar

(scene: Toby and Jill hang out in her dorm room eating junk food)

We Cry Diamonds – Oh My My My Oh

(scene: Toby works out)

TMTH – Man Whore

(scene: Toby and Ashley practice his dance routine for the pageant)

The DNC – On Top Of The World

(scene: Toby gets a makeover to become the ultimate ladies’ man)

Anina – Dinnertime

(scene: Brett comes on stage wearing a boxing robe)

Icona Pop – I Love It

(scene: Montage of guys dancing on stage in costume at the pageant)

Kaero – Femme Fatale

(scene: Toby takes the stage dressed like Justin Bieber)

Daena Jay  – A Little Less Heartache

(scene: Ashley & Jill discuss Toby & makeover)

16 Frames – Could Have Been Anyone

(scene: Ashley goes to Jill’s Dorm Room)

Elaine Faye – You Know

(scene: Toby sees Jill for the first time after her makeover)

Jesse Thomas – Shine

(scene: Jill is heartbroken as Toby leaves with Dahlia)

Safety Word Orange – Another Face In The Crowd

(scene: Brett’s boys tell Toby they want to hang out with him)

Shiny Toy Guns – Speaking Japanese

(scene: Toby dances with dancers on stage)

All Mankind – Pretenders

(scene: Dahlia slaps Toby)

RuPaul – Main Event

(scene: The shirtless contestants dance on stage at the finale)

Kitten – G#

(scene: Toby and Jill share their first kiss)

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