Music from Jersey Shore Season 6 Premiere

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Jersey ShoreAirdate: October 4, 2012

Popluar Giants – We Want Your Soul

(scene: Re-Cap)

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

Night Fevers – You And I

(scene: Mike has dinner with his family and Paula)

LaDiLaLa – One By One

(scene: Mike talks about rehab)

The Royalty – I Want You

(scene: Snooki heads to pick up Jenni)

Levels – Heavy

(scene: Roger and Jenni talk while she is packing)

Estrangers – Tell Her No Thanks

(scene: Mike goes grocery shopping to make dinner)

Popular Giants – Trepidation

(scene: Mike talks about going back to the shore)

All Smiles – Friday Flying

(scene: Ronnie talks about going back to the shore)

Army Of Freshmen – Some Happy Ending

(scene: Sammi talks about going back to the shore)

The Royalty  – Say The Word

(scene: Ronnie and Sammi pack up their car)

Army Of Freshmen – Close Encounter

(scene: Pauly D calls Vinnie on his way to the shore)

3 Theory – Carousel

(scene: Vinnie’s mom helps him get ready)

A Ghost Like Me – Threshold

(scene: Vinnie reflects on his life)

3 Theory – Fee Nicks

(scene: Deena talks to her mom before leaving)

Deserted Coastal Property – Writings On The Wall

(scene: Deena talks about her life and relationship with Chris)

Night Fevers – Say Oh

(scene: Snooki and Jenni drive together to the shore)

Doomtree – Fresh New Trash

(scene: Mike arrives first)

UTKtheINC   – Ain’t So Bad

(scene: Jenni and Snooki arrive at the house)

Kim Novak – Merry Go Round

(scene: The girls begin to unpack)

Kim Novak – Comfort

(scene: The gang goes to see Danny at the Shore Store)

The Electric Hearts – Be Mine

(scene: Pauly talks to Mike about going out and being sober)

Colin Shiller – One Jenny

(scene: The group works out in the gym)

White Arrows – Little Birds

(scene: The girls run errands)

Army Of Freshmen – Down At The Shore

(scene: The gang gets ready to go out)

Soft Pipes – Unpaid Holiday

(scene: The cab arrives to take the group to Karma)

Baan ft. Ear Jerker – Sobrando (Education Mix)

(scene: The gang dances at Karma)

N3XTST3P – Catch Me If You Can

(scene: Mike talks about being tested in the club)

Ash Gray – Wild Night

(scene: Snooki is out to dinner while everyone else is at Karma)

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