Music From Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Season 3, Episode 3

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation


Kaya Stewart –  In Love With a Boy
The girls talking about Jenny’s relationship.

Jarryd James –  Do You Remember
The girls talking about Ronnie and Jen’s relationship.

Rittz ft. Twista –  Bounce
Coming Up: Jenny’s new boyfriend arriving with flowers.

Nate Ruess –  Nothing Without Love
Ronnie and the girls talking with Mike on the phone.

Lupe Fiasco ft. Gizzle –  Jump
Jenny arriving at Snooki’s house.

Marian Hill –  Subtle Thing
Jenny meeting Zack for lunch to ask about Vegas.

CHVRCHES –  Leave a Trace
Jenny telling Zack about Vegas.

WALK THE MOON –  Kamikaze
Vinny packing to leave for Vegas.



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