Music From Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Season 1, Episode 13

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
Featured Artist: Marching Band

PVRIS  – Eyelids
Ronnie waking up in the morning.

Marching Band – Useful Idiot
Ronnie and Mike talking.

Stella And The Storm – Don’t Let Me Down
Ronnie and Mike saying they are there for each other.

Impirio & Cru – What You Want
B-roll into Act 3.

Jacob Whitesides  – Focus
Mike bringing his girlfriend back to the house.

Jarryd James – 1000x ft. Broods
Mike and his girlfriend watching the slide show.

Martin Garrix – Don’t Look Down ft. Usher
The gang celebrating with Mike and his girlfriend.

Mike saying goodbye to his fiance.

Albert – Away We Go
Guys in the car going back to the house.


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