Music from Jersey Shore Episode 8 Season 5

(Featured Artist: Heavy Young Heathens)

Jersey Shore Airdate: February 23, 2012

LMFAO – Get Crazy

Theme Song

Heavy Young Heathens – Mullholland Drive

(scene: The cast returns from the club)

Just Kait – Give It To Me

(scene: The cast goes fishing off a pier)

Atlantic Line – The Muscle and Charm

(scene: Deena, Pauly and Vinnie walk to work)

Heavy Young Heathens – Jackie Come Lately

(scene: Mike and Snookie talk outside)

Envy – It’s All Going Down Tonight

(scene: People in the club have fun with Snookie’s costume)

Bellamy Sound – Find Your World

(scene: Mike talks to a girl in the club)

Heavy Young Heathens – Reality Bites

(scene: Snookie and Deena play on the beach)

Hunter Valentine – The Stalker

(scene: Mike helps get girls to leave the house)

Heavy Young Heathens – Perfect Reflection

(scene: Deena and Snookie play in their room)

Heavy Young Heathens – Infinite And Eternal

(scene: Snookie and Ronnie walk on the boardwalk)

MEME – Know Yourself

(scene: Snookie goes on a mission to find Ronnie a present)

Mandrew – Let’s Run Away

(scene: Snookie and Ronnie play on the boardwalk)

Coalition – Devil’s Child

(scene: Snookie and Vinnie go out together)

Air Dubai – Ten Weeks

(scene: Snookie and Vinnie are on the boardwalk)

16 Frames – Looks Like Diamonds

(scene: Snookie and Vinnie play pool together)

Dandylion Warpaint – déjà vu

(scene: Snookie talks to Vinnie about drinking)

Vicious Vicious – Ho Baby

(scene: Vinnie and Snookie go back to the house)

Next On Jersey Shore …

Dandylion Warpaint – Black Out

(Coming Up Next Week)

Heavy Young Heathens – Twenty Two

(Coming Up Next Week)

Heavy Young Heathens – Tall Order

(Coming Up Next Week)

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