Music from Jersey Shore Episode 8 Season 4

(artist: 16 Frames)

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Jersey ShoreAirdate: September 22, 2011

LMFAO – Get Crazy


Art vs Science – Heavy Night

(scene: Snookie is giving a breathalyzer)

Atlantic Line – Big Brother

(scene: Going to the police station to pick up Snookie)

Desoto Jones – She Hit The Wall

(scene: Snookie comes homes from jail)

Ashley Jana – Party Party Party

(scene: Girls getting ready for the club and heading out)

Richie Beretta feat. The Ranger – Gna Getchya (Midnight Society’s Dark Electrotribe Mix)

(scene: Dance montage and Mike trying to pick up girls)

16 Frames – Like Diamonds

(scene: Jioni arriving in Italy and seeing Snookie)

Charlie – Industry

(scene: Everyone getting ready for the club)

Buss One And The Child Of The Black Madonna – Paint It Red

(scene: Everyone is in the club and Mike is talking about being on guard about Jioni)

Charlie – I Wanna Bad Boy

(scene: Mike flashback of hitting the wall; everyone in the club)

Parade of Lights – Starstruck

(scene: Jionni and Snookie making out at the club)

Little Red Radio – Playground

(scene: Mike is talking about Jioni with the guys in the van)

Monster Paws – Champagne Bike Ride

(scene: Snookie tells Mike that he needs to relax in regards to Jioni)

Avri feat. Johanna – Love Again (Mickiyagi’s Retro Mix)

(scene: Snookie lifts up her dress while dancing for Jioni)

Hell and Lula – 2 Fifths Divine

(scene: Snookie and Jwoww fighting and trying to find Jioni)

Heavy Young Heathens – Nick of Time

(scene: Snookie looking for Jioni)

The Narrative – Libra

(scene: Snookie crying and walking back to the house looking for Jioni)

Dandylion Warpaint – Drowning

(scene: Vinnie talking to Snookie and trying to talk her “off the ledge”)

The Jean Marie – Clones

(scene: The guys grilling and waiting for Jioni to show up)

Anomie Belle – Before You Leave Me

(scene: Jioni leaving Italy because of his fight with Snookie)

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