Music from Jersey Shore Episode 7 Season 6

Featured Artist: Marching Band


Jersey ShoreAirdate: November 1, 2012

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

The Blakes – Sea Fishing (Slow It Down)

(scene: J Woww talks to Roger on the phone)

Frances – Lawn Party

(scene: Mike talks to the roomates about Paula)

Evan P. Donohue – California Sunshine

(scene: Mike, Ronnie and Deena go to work)

Ocha La Rocha – Occam’s Razor

(scene: Ronnie makes a bet regarding Mike and Paula)

Army Of Freshmen – Maybe In The Midwest

(scene: Pauly and Vinny work on a prank for Deena)

ReadyGoes – Social Status P

(scene: Pauly and Vinny go to a photo booth)

Levels – Big Kids On Bikes

(scene: Deena gets pranked)

Air Traffic Controller – If You Build It

(scene: Ronnie and Deena go to the boardwalk)

Fire In The Hamptons – Blackout

(scene: Deena talks about her fear of being arrested)

SpeakerHedz – Big Talk

(scene: Everyone gets ready to go out)

Night Club – Do It Again

(scene: Jionni arrives at the club)

Gash Flordon – Rumple Stilts

(scene: Vinny talks about Mike’s behavior in the club)

Doomtree – Gimme The Go

(scene: Mike talks about being in the club)

Clearside – ShapeShifter

(scene: Paula’s friend talks to Mike in the club)

Chuck Wild – Spend The Night

(scene: Mike runs into another friend of Paula’s)

Soccius – Animal Pause

(scene: Mike and Whitney talk in the club)

The Royalty – Mr. Hyde

(scene: Everyone leaves the club and heads home)

Hands & Teeth – It’s Coming Back

(scene: Mike talks to Paula on the phone)

Ash Gray – Sunny Day

(scene: Mike talks about Paula)

ReadyGoes – Atomic Love Song

(scene: Deena has a problem and tells Sammie and Ronnie about it)

White Mystery – Don’t Hold My Hand

(scene: Snooki cooks for Jionni)

White Arrows – I Can Go

(scene: Sammi needs to go home but Deena decides to stay)

Frances – Olden Times

(scene: Deena’s mom calls the house)

Dinner And A Suit – Love Is Risky

(scene: Jionni heads over to Snooki’s for dinner)

Marching Band – Gorgeous Behavior

(scene: Snooki talks about the food she made for Jionni)

The Blakes – Art Of Losses

(scene: Deena needs to talk to her Mom)

California Wives – Light Year

(scene: The roommates get ready to go out)

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