Music from Jersey Shore Episode 7 Season 5

(Featured Artist: The New F.O.’s)

Jersey ShoreAirdate: February 16, 2012

LMFAO – Get Crazy

Theme Song

Amtrac – Why You Look So Blue

(scene: The cast is hanging around the house)

Dandylion Warpaint – Airplanes

(scene: Snookie and Deena bake a cake)

Hogni – Burstin Bubble

(scene: The girls decorate the cake)

Little Red Radio – Hookie

(scene: Deena gives Danny the cake)

The Working Title – Followed

(scene: Snookie makes a doctor appointment)

Kate Crash – Sawago

(scene: Jenni takes Snookie to the doctor)

Little Red Radio – Hookie

(scene: Deena gets airbrush work done)

New Cassettes – I’m Always Right

(scene: Snooki fills out her paper work at the doctor’s)

Stealing Signs – Write This Down

(scene: Mike gets ready to go to work)

The Jean Marie – Vampires Pt. II

(scene: Mike is working alone at the Shore Store)

Trans Mississippi Theater – I Get Nowhere

(scene: Jenni and Snookie talk about being late to work)

Trans Mississippi Theater – Cheer Alliance

(scene: Jenni and Snookie working at the Shore Store)

White Mystery – Party

(scene: Jenni asks Mike about eating the cake)

The New F.O.’s – Show Me

(scene: Mike calls his friend Bobby)

Kristen Ficara – Crawl (Mike Ivy & Dave Rose’s Dirty Vixen Dub)

(scene: The cast is walking through the club)

Coalition – Winning Streak

(scene: Mike is carrying Paula home)

Matt Moberg – Love On My Arm

(scene: Mike talks about his feelings towards Paula)

D-Lav, Shlavens & Craig Mitchell – Noise (Andy Notalez Remix)

(scene: Ronnie is dancing in the club)

Hogni – Stuck At The Bottom

(scene: Snookie talks to Mike outside)

Kyven – Strike Again

(scene: The cast returns from the club)

Mind The Gap – Remember When

(scene: Deena talks about Joey and calls a cab)

Air Dubai – Restless Youth

(scene: Mike talks to Unit on the phone)

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