Music from Jersey Shore Episode 6 Season 6

Featured Artist: Kari Kimmel | follow: @karikimmel


Jersey ShoreAirdate: October 25, 2012

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

Baan (ft. Ear Jerker) – Sobrando

(scene: The guys get ready to go out for the day)

Wondershow – Bungee

(scene: The guys go to the sporting goods store)

The Lights Out – Steal Your Sunshine

(scene: The guys head home)

Kari Kimmel – Save Me

(scene: Deena’s parents come pick her up)

All Smiles – You’re On Fire

(scene: Everyone sits down to Sunday dinner)

Marching Band – It Is Hidden

(scene: The guys are hanging out upstairs and hear someone calling them)

The Vacations – A Better Place

(scene: Pauly, Deena and Mike leave for work)

Sonia Rao – She

(scene: Mike makes a plan to ask Paula out)

New Cassettes – Bite Your Lip

(scene: Everyone gets ready to go to Rivoli’s)

Stephanie Mabey – Zombie Song

(scene: Vinny talks about Mike and Paula)

Chuck Wild – Lucci

(scene: Everyone goes back home after dinner)

Kari Kimmel – Say Goodbye

(scene: Jenni talks to the roomates about her fight with Roger)

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