Music from Jersey Shore Episode 6 Season 5

(Featured Artist: Amtrac)

Jersey ShoreAirdate: February 9, 2012

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

Hogni – Bow Down

(scene: Jenni says goodbye to her friends)

The Outerlys – Somebody

(scene: The cast gets ready to go out)

Anomie Belle – American View

(scene: Deena talks to Jenni)

Hannibal Leq – I Go Clean

(scene: The cast gets ready to go out for the night)

Atlantic Connection – Big Shot Ft. Tetris & Julz

(scene: Snooki takes a shot and Vinnie talks to a girl)

Little Red Radio – Zamboni

(scene: The cast in dancing in the club)

Wallpaper. – F*cking Best Song Ever

(scene: Deena acts as Vinnie’s wing woman)

The Diamond Light – Dusty Walls

(scene: The cast leaves the club)

Mr. Green – Be Mine

(scene: Vinnie says goodbye to his new friend)

Air Dubai – Lazers

(scene: Snooki and Deena hide from Danny)

Rondo Brothers – Tumbling Down

(scene: Snooki and Deena dancing)

Amtrac – Summer

(scene: Jenni meets up with Snooki and Deena)

Heavy Young Heathens – Glide And Seek

(scene: Mike is alone in the house)

Rose Hart – Put Your Hands Up

(scene: Mike talks about his feelings)

Girls Love Shoes – Wake Me Up

(scene: Deena and Snooki play in the mirror)

Kyven – Strike Again

(scene: Pauly and Vinnie talk to people while playing pool)

Monster Paws – Midnight Train

(scene: Deena and Snooki dancing on the bar)

The Lost Chorus – Atlantic Pacific

(scene: Deena and Snooki talk to Mike in the car)

Rogue Valley – The Rutting Moon

(scene: Deena talks about being drunk all day)

Trans Mississippi Theater – I Get Nowhere

(scene: Chinese food is delivered for Sunday dinner)

Stealing Signs – Write This Down

(scene: Pauly and Vinnie see Roger at the gym)


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